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The Design Tale is the Interior Design Company In Ajmer which supports the idea and imagination in the field of office decors, home decors and designing the comfortable space which defines your personality and maintains the decorum of your vibes to your workspace or personal space.

The ‘Soul in the Body’ philosophy causes the drive to influence the designs to carve ‘home out of a house’ . The Design Tale established a positive and comfortable ambience among its clients.

Bhavika Goyal herself a happy soul, inspires a huge community to live in a place where happiness can be found through their work irrespective of ample space for their work or for personal space due to the ambience of the environment created through ‘Interior Design for its purpose to be fulfilled’.

The environment is also a composition of the presence of the living creatures and the life embedded in it and that’s how our company supports your dreams to create your space to feel light even through the hard times, through our varied creative and positive vibes checklist to maintain interior decorum.

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