Serving with better quality, optimal, organized solution for newly created space or existing space to its better stage, and the ambience of space are our primary concerns in the world of ‘interior design shaping lives!!’ Either providing wall hangings to space or the checklist area to your workspace or the moving chair stabilizes through out the space or the heights of varied floral designs or a chandelier’s right place, we are here to help you ..


Everything starts with a thought and every thought basically generates from the observation and the good proportion of imagination over the right observation leads to innovation.

Bhavika thinks that every place is beautiful if you have the eyes to see it.

With the motive of experimenting spaces with the imagination, we are creating a powerful presence of your persona to the space you lived in or, worked on.

Interior Design

The Art and Science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. Planning, Researching, Coordinating and managing the projects which enhances the beauty of the space.

The term interior design refers to a specific practice of home furnishing, but the art of designing and cultivating rooms, homes or entire buildings has a long and rich history which often combines art, architecture and even philosophy.

Style & Decore

Beauty is what imagination creates with a slight taste of observing minute details for styling the space-work, home, restaurant, or even a holiday home.

Bhavika’s eye reveals the things which can make its presence awesome due to which styling and decor consultancy, converting any plain, vanilla space into eye-catching ones, in a snap.

Furniture & Lighting

A story is nothing without its subtlety whenever it comes to maintaining the decorum and a positive, pleasant presence at the same time. Bhavika and her team mould each space into a piece of beauty through the proper assembling of lighting and careful in hand-picked pieces of furniture to convert into an extraordinary subtle space.

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